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Aims And Objectives Essay

Aim:To make a showcasing plan to secure new clients; principally understudies and increment piece of the pie. Spoil Me has a huge customer base however is inadequate with regards to understudy buyers. This showcasing plan will offer advertising goals and systems so as to build this piece of the overall industry. Spoil Me isn't arranged on a ‘regular stroll to university’ so creative and vital suggestions will be required for effective conveyance. Goals: Research and break down the ebb and flow client base to decide the understudy : non-understudy proportion Exploration will be done by means of meetings with current workers and polls to potential clients Discover understudy salon-utilization patterns, concerning measure of understudies as a level of the entire, and their salon inclinations When the surveys have been finished the information will be examined and broke down. This obtained essential information will give us a knowledge understudy patterns and understanding into the best promoting technique Research/Discover from understudies, what their needs/needs are from a salon Spoil Me may not at present be addressing the necessities of the ideal understudy buyers. Examined information from essential and auxiliary examination will prompt us on the most proficient method to build the quantity of understudies utilizing this salon Define primary contenders to the business and guide out their market and physical situating Essential and Secondary exploration will be completed in the region encompassing Pamper Me so as to find the opposition. The promoting plan may propose to reflect contender systems if these appear to expanding the understudy level of purchasers. Break down current promoting techniques with the end goal of making a better than ever procedure Current promoting procedures set up by Amara may not be sufficent or advantageous to Pamper Me. Another methodology might be required and it is fundamental thatâ all workers comprehend the new procedures once they are set up. To make or recognize a Unique Selling Point (USP) for the business dependent on their ability and strengths Right now Pamper Me’s USP is that it gives private and noninvasive treatment spaces for strict ladies. This isn’t broadly know by the network so a proposal must recommend so as to build the familiarity with this. Strict understudies may not realize that there is a salon the holds fast to their devoted standards. Execute an advertising system that can illuminate and pull in understudies to the salon We should research and investigations what moves understudies to burn through cash on excellence medicines. As understudies don’t have a significant level of extra cash it is essential to execute an advertising plan that is productive and valuable for understudies.

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Public Speaking, Fears and Concerns. Free Essays

Fears and Concerns about Public Speaking Fears and Concerns about Public Speaking There are numerous things in this world that one can have a dread of. One could be terrified of bugs, the dull, or statures; however a significant dread is the dread of talking out in the open. In regular day to day existence open talking is fundamental, regardless of whether it be in a social or expert setting. We will compose a custom exposition test on Open Speaking, Fears and Concerns. or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now My greatest feelings of dread and worries about open talking are being the focal point of consideration, dismissal, and disappointment. Being the focal point of consideration can be very harrowing. It is safe to say that they are making a decision about the manner in which I am dressed or the manner in which I present myself? It is safe to say that they are focusing on what I need to state? Or on the other hand even, what will they consider me when I am done my introduction? In conclusion, would i be able to stop my anxious propensities sufficiently long to complete my introduction? These are on the whole inquiries that go through my mind that could without much of a stretch divert me from really introducing in the manner I might want as well. Sooner or later everybody must be worried about dismissal. This is likewise one of my fundamental apprehensions and concerns. The way that not every person will concur with, or acknowledge, the point I am attempting to depict. Perhaps they simply won't give it a second thought or care much about me, and possibly attempt to struggle with what I need to state. At that point it will feel like I have burnt through my opportunity to arrive up with an introduction just to be mocked. Nobody ever contemplates internally that they need to be a disappointment. My feelings of trepidation could divert me from conveying my introduction in the manner I might want. I could stammer, overlook what to state, or just not be also arranged as I suspected. This would all prompt a hopeless introduction disappointment. Would I ever pick up regard of my crowd again? I would prefer not to be thought of as a disappointment. That is presumably my most exceedingly awful worry about open talking. With a wide range of fears and worries about open talking, it is hard to believe that one could get over them to proceed to turn into an extraordinary open speaker. I might want to get over my feelings of trepidation so I can proceed through existence without any worries. I feel it will require some investment and practice however with the assistance of this class also, I can be en route to being an incredible open speaker. The most effective method to refer to Public Speaking, Fears and Concerns., Essay models

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Questionnaire Television and Reality Shows Essay Example

Survey: Television and Reality Shows Paper Poll Topic: Reality appears on Indian TV We, the understudies are leading overview on unscripted TV dramas and might want to know your observation about unscripted TV dramas. 1 Are you ardent watcher of Reality appear? o Yes o No o Can’t state 2. Which Reality show do you want to watch? o Big Boss o Master Chef o KBC o Comedy Circus o Others Specify ________________________________ 3. Is Reality Shows are a long way from the real world? o Yes o No o Can’t state 4. Is Reality shows are better methods for diversion? o Yes o No o Can’t state 5. Which station broadcasts best Reality appear? Hues o Star Plus o Zee TV o Sony o Others 6. Does the Reality demonstrate prompts the development of TRP of the channel? o Yes o No o Can’t state 7. What is their effect on the general public? o Positive o Negative o Can’t state 8. Do you think scarcely any Reality shows are making obscenity? o Yes o No o Can’t state 9. Would you be able to name shows which yo u think ought to be restricted? ___________________________________________________ 10. Does Reality shows goes about as a stage for new abilities? o Yes o No o Can’t state 11. Do you think openings open up for the individuals who take an interest in theories appears? Indeed o No 12. Do you lean toward deciding in favor of unscripted TV dramas? o Yes o No 13. Is SMS casting a ballot framework reasonable in Reality appear? o Yes o No o Can’t state 14. Do you think the idea of kids cooperation as a general rule is right? o Yes o No 15. OK incline toward taking an interest in actuality appear? o Yes o No o Not certain 16. On the off chance that you are parent, at that point would you permit your youngsters to take part as a general rule appears? o Yes o No o Not certain Respondent name: ________________ Age gathering: o Above 15 o 20 †25 o 26 †30 o Above 30 Gender: o Male o Female

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IELTS Essay Samples - Are You Ready to Take Your Band Level Tests?

IELTS Essay Samples - Are You Ready to Take Your Band Level Tests?You might have heard about the IELTS essay samples and wondered if you can really get that kind of opportunity through normal classes or your existing degree program. The short answer is yes you can, but you'll need to take more than one test.The first one is a sample test that's set in English. In this one, the student will be required to write an essay, which is a lesson in English composition. The objective of the essay is to help them grasp the concepts and structure of writing, grammar, sentence construction, punctuation, spelling, and all the other common mistakes that many students make.This exam section is similar to the pre-test portion of an entrance exam, but it's much easier for the student. Because they know that the essay is essentially a lesson, it makes it easier for them to learn from the mistakes they make. They won't have to worry so much about getting good grades because they will have already learn ed the concepts and structure of writing.This is a one time only exam, because after you pass it, you will get another one just like it at the band level. These two IELTS essay samples are available for you to use at any point in time.However, there are other essays that you will need to take in order to advance beyond your band and into IELTS with flying colors. Most companies will require you to take several essays, and you will probably have to retake some of them as well.The difference between IELTS and the essay samples is that IELTS is a real and genuine test that you will have to take to prove your abilities. The essay samples are simply paper tests, and they don't mean anything, except for their name. They're basically exams that you can use to try to practice for the real thing.If you want to succeed at IELTS, it's important that you take the proper essays. By doing so, you will improve your skills and increase your confidence.

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Seismic Profile Essay - 1265 Words

Use of Seismics for Lithology Characterization Aditya Chakravarty Abstract This paper studies the application of Rock Physics Models by using Seismic and Well log data to characterize the reservoir sedimentological parameters (viz. Porosity, sorting, cement content and fluid saturation). When properly constrained by local subsurface environment, rock physics models can be used to predict the reservoir quality away from wells. Various researchers have applied a combination of theoretical and heuristic models to generate diagnostic Rock Physics templates (RPT’s). These RPT’s show the trend of Seismic attributes (Acoustic impedance, VP/VS ratio, Elastic Moduli and) of rocks with changing geological parameters like cementing, sorting,†¦show more content†¦These models premise that the inclusions are ellipsoidal or penny-shaped. Although the Inclusion Models have significantly furthered our understanding of the effects of compliant inclusions in rocks, the simplistic assumption of the pore shapes makes it difficult to compare them to actua l pore geometries. Displacement Discontinuity models represent the elastic response of rocks with oriented fractures under low frequency (e.g. Schoenberg and Douma, 1988; Sayers and Kachanov, 1995; Schoenberg and Sayers 1995). These models assume fractures to be infinitesimally thin displacement breaks which are defined by their normal and shear compliances. This represents the additional compliance of the rock in comparison to the matrix, due to the presence of fractures. Their usage necessitates the knowledge of fracture compliances and over-simplifies the complex nature of fractures as mere planes of discontinuity. Computational Models (e.g. Knackstedt et al., 2009) represent the actual geometry of the porous dry frame through rigorous imaging using Computed Tomography (CT) scanning. The mechanical response of the rock is also computed, using Finite Element Modelling (FEM) and Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) schemes. The obvious merit of such models is the realistic representation of the geometry and elastic moduli. A high computational capability requirement and expensive equipment for pore scale imaging are the factors that limit their usage. Contact Models representShow MoreRelatedDomestic And International Policy Formulation Essay2819 Words   |  12 Pagesmarket. Indeed, the development of New Zealand’s domestic economy and trade policy has undergone a seismic shift which has drastically altered our national patterns of trade since 1929. While export trade to the East is still in its infancy, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a growing demand in the East for New Zealand agricultural products such as wool, meat, and dairy products. This essay aims to use the analysis provided by McNair in his article â€Å"New Zealand’s Trade with the East† asRead MoreReverse Heaven And Hell By Kimberly Van2106 Words   |  9 Pagesstories questioning who came up with the design. There was no concrete evidence that after Wyman succeeded Hunt he changed the now famous design. There are only stories that tell the Architect drawing inspiration from the well known Edward Bellany essay â€Å"Looking Backwards.† â€Å"Looking Backwards† is a prediction of the year 2000. He pens about a utopian and science fiction world. Mamuri interjects, shakes her head and says, â€Å"he wasn’t right about anything but the credit cards.† Post Commander, AnthonyRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesIndividuals can enhance their power within an organization by managing extraordinary and critical projects. Power and status naturally accrue to successful innovators and risk takers rather than to steady producers. Many ambitious managers pursue high-profile projects as a means for moving quickly up the corporate ladder. For example, Lee Iacocca’s career was built on successfully leading the design and development of the highly successful Ford Mustang. Managers become heroes by leading projects that contributeRead MoreTop 1 Cause for Project Failure65023 Words   |  261 Pagesresearch functions as diverse as Arts to Engineering and Environment to Social Sciences).So we had from the beginning poor Stakeholder ownership. Involvement was varied from truculant to compliant. Then there was the Vendor Issue! Two high profile companies were involved in the database platform and desktop/back room hardware. There were twelve functional workstream leads in the Programme team. There was a Programme PMO. One vendor had its own PMO, the shared service company had a PMO.There

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Essay about Critical Thinking Evaluation - 1572 Words

Critical Evaluation of an Academic Source Odetta Rodriguez Capella University Critical Evaluation of an Academic Source This paper is a summary of critical evaluation of the suitability of an article as an academic source. The title of the article is Critical Thinking: An Extended Definition. The author, Professor Ken Petress, analyzes various definitions of critical thinking and provides his definition of the concept as well. It is vitally important when performing research on a topic that we completely understand the topic and that we can apply certain tests or questions to the topic in order to determine its relevance and validity. Checklist for Critical Evaluation The†¦show more content†¦Conceptual Foundation What are the main concepts presented in the article? What information is the author using, and what is its relationship to the main issue? Does the information used appear relevant, significant, valid, and sufficient for the conclusions being drawn? Do you have enough information to determine whether the information is relevant, significant, and valid? The main concepts presented in the article are the varying definitions of each author on the concept of critical thinking. The information the author uses are definitions which are the opinions of varied authors and are similar in foundation in that to apply critical thinking one must be able to identify a problem, pose a question(s), provide valid supporting evidence, and come to a conclusion. Although the author’s definitions do not identify a problem, questions, evidence, or conclusions, the relationship Petress (2004) shows is that the reader must apply this process themselves as it is not always given. The information used does appear to be relevant, significant, and valid. The references the author listed does provide enough information for me to come to this conclusion. Since this work is a literature review and not a case study, numerical data are not necessary to determine validity of the information. AuthorsShow MoreRelatedEvaluation Of A Critical Thinking1968 Words   |  8 PagesTotal word count :1,946 Introduction Generally, critical thinking mentions to going on a subject matter extremely intensely that should aid to seize out genuine data concerning the enumerated subject. So, it can additionally be said that critical thinking is established on the assumption whereas precise believed, logic, believed or believed is grasped out. Cohen et al. (1996) gave the believed of critical thinking to tackle the subjects of tunnel vision and data bias delineated inRead MoreCritical Thinking and Evaluation of Sources1038 Words   |  5 PagesCritical Thinking and Evaluation of Sources Critical thinking is learning to think for yourself and to develop your own independent opinions, backed by sound reasoning and support. It is learning to drop the role of passive student and to assume the role of a self reliant thinker and researcher. Critical thinking enters into important decisions in your daily life and affects your growth process in school and work. The term critical thinking describes the deliberate thinking that helps you to decideRead MoreSteps Of Critical Thinking : Identification, Decision Making, Evaluation, And Reflection1305 Words   |  6 Pages, if not most, have heard of the phrase â€Å"use your critical thinking skills† but probably never truly understood what that meant and what it entails. There are seven steps that are used in critical thinking: Identification, research, analysis, application, decision making, evaluation, and reflection. The first step in the critical thinking process is identification which means exactly what the first steps is: identifying the problem or issue. The second step is research which is researching what theRead MoreMethods of Evaluation and Critical Thinking653 Words   |  3 PagesThe overall activity was very interesting in regards to my personal methods of evaluation and critical thinking. Each image was unique as I often applied my own personal knowledge and experience the overall interpretation of the picture. To begin, as I viewed the first picture, I scanned it for familiar objects or activities. For instance, the first image showed a boat, a woman, and a horse. Through this observation, I determined that the women were working extremely hard in a particular professionRead MoreA Critical Evaluation Of Stacey s Contribution On Strategic Thinking1579 Words   |  7 PagesThis paper aims to show a critical evaluation of Stacey’s contribution to strategic thinking and explain how it exists in my company’s approach to strategic management. An understanding of strategic thinking is vital in understanding Stacey’s contribution. The study of strategic thinking can be traced as far back as to the 1960s. Early scholars viewed the term as a method of generating creative thoughts today that will benefit the entire organization tomorrow. It involves forecasting and makingRead MoreEvaluation Of Sources And Argumrnts On Developing Critical Thinking Skills860 Words   |  4 Pagesstudent, writing course is and has always been one of the most challenging courses. However, this class helped me to improve my writing skills. The work in this portfolio demonstrates that I have used methods of analysis and evaluation of sources and argumrnts to develop critical thinking skills. Though I have made some progress in appropriate documentation and essay oragnization areas, I have work to do to come to a full understanding of grammar, mechanics and sufficient content use in my essays . AtRead MoreEvaluation and Analysis: Two Main Aspects of Critical Thinking for Nurses723 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿It is always a challenge to cultivate critical thinking in any profession. It is, nevertheless, a vital component of creating a dynamic and effective workplace. This is particularly important in terms of nursing practice, since many situations in the hospital are dynamic and fluid, requiring critical thinking to ensure the optimal outcome for both nursing practice in general and the situation for patients in particular. To mentor a new nurse, one of the tools I think would work well is to debateRead MoreCritical Thinking And Core Self Reflective Learning1424 Words   |  6 PagesCritical Thinking and Core Self Reflective Learning: A Personalised Perspective Bradley Graham ABSTRACT The application of critical thinking and self-evaluation is limitless as it can be applied to everything simply by answering the following questions: What did I do? How did I do it? How could I do it better? And what would I do differently in the future to improve? Because of this critical thinking and self-reflective learning is essential in the development of an individuals self and skillsRead MoreThe Critical Thinking Problems Plaguing Cobol And How They Can Be Solved1697 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Critical thinking is essentially the process of analyzing and evaluating thinking in order to improve it. Success in critical thinking demands that leaders make reasoned decisions and adopt holistic perspectives. It also involves solving problems, deducing and inferring judgments, and being open to new approaches. Critical thinking is also the art of actively and technically conceptualizing, implementing, analyzing, processing and/or evaluating information generated through experience, reasoningRead MoreHealth And Health Development Of The Health Sector Essay1634 Words   |  7 Pages (III) APPLICATION IN CURRENT JOB Patients nutritional history is taken, weight check is done, height is measured and evaluation with the appropriate nutritional states as regards the age of the individual. (IV) USEFULNESS OF NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT IN CURRENT WORLD - Development of societies. - Key objective of progress in human development. - For good health and good nutritional status of the population. - To combat mild to serious learning disabilities which may result from malnourished child.

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Guide to Industrial Control System Security Free Sample

Question: Discuss about the Industrial Control System Security. Answer: Introduction The term Industrial Control System is used to refer to a large number of control systems that are used for assisting industrial production operations. The distributedcontrol systems(DCS), supervisory controland data acquisition (SCADA)systems and other programmable control system are in general referred to be essential components of Industrial Control System This particular report is aimed at providing the management of the Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc with information about those technological systems, the inclusion of which would help in improving the security levels of the industrial control system currently used by the organization. Current state description Established in 2001, Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc, is one such organization that has a significance experience in various aspects of Wastewater Treatment, besides being one of the most well known names in the domain of Biological Fermentation industries and Chemical Manufacturing. The following diagram depicts the existing industrial control system that Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc utilizes on a day to day basis: Figure 1: The existing industrial control system of Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc (Source: Reissman, 2014, pp- 9) As depicted in the diagram, the existing industrial control system can be subdivided into four sections: the Business LAN, the supervisory network, the control system and the field system The following section of the report provides a brief description of these subsystems: The Business LAN The employees of the organization have access to this section of the network. A web server caters to the requests made by the employees and the business service applications can be connected to the internet (Reissman, 2014). However this particular connection is protected by a firewall. The supervisory network The supervisory control and data acquisition or SCADA system remotely monitors and controls the operational functionalities of the organization. The control system Efficient human machine interfaces and Inter-Control Center CommunicationsProtocols (ICCP) are utilized for managing the exchange of information between the control system, the field system and the other facilities of the organization (Reissman, 2014). The field system The waste water treatment process and the sanitizer feed tank or the COI are remotely controlled remotely by the process control vendor support systems. The internet is utilized for establishing this communication link. Overview of network weaknesses On detailed examination of the existing ICS network, the following weaknesses were identified: The employees of the organization are capable of connecting to the internet and an internal firewall has been set up for enhancing the security levels of this section of the ICS (Peng et al. 2012). However, all the business services use this particular LAN connection and thus should have been protected with an external firewall and an Intrusion Detection and Prevention system, which at this point in time is non-existing. The other sections of the ICP are not protected with any security system and thus are vulnerable to a wide range of cyber attacks. The ICCP protocol is used for maintaining the communication between the control system, the field system and the other facilities of the organization. However, even these communication links are not protected with security system (Estevez, Marcos, 2012). Last but not the least, third party vendors have access to the sanitizer feed tank and the waste water treatment facilities through unprotected, internet based communication channels. Threats and vulnerabilities associated with the ICS The following section of the report is aimed at providing an insight in to those cyber security threats or vulnerabilities that are associated with industrial control systems. Sl. No Threat type Examples of threat 1 Malware infection through intranet or internet sources 1. Exploitation of the zero day exploits or unknown/ undetected attack that have been launched previously on the system (, 2016). 2. Attacks on the external web pages of the organization, attacks being launched in form of cross-site scripting ,SQL injection, etc 3. Limiting the functionalities of the system components by launching untargeted malware attacks. 2 Malware attack through external hardware devices and removable media 1. Executable applications might be embedded with malicious codes (, 2016). 2. USB flash drives used by employees might also be sources of malware attacks (, 2016). 3. Sabotage or human error 1. Compromising the security of the system by intentional usage of unauthorized hardware or software components (, 2016). 2. Incorrect configuration of system components. 4 Intrusion through remote access 1. Attacks launched on access points that have been created for maintenance purpose (Rooijakkers Sadiq , 2015). 5. Attacks on control systems that are connected to the internet 1. Attacks can be launched on control systems that connected directly to the internet. Understanding of applicable regulations for achieving compliance with CFATS regulations within the plan In order to achieve the compliance with the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards or CFATS regulation, the higher management of Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc should be abiding by the following regulations: Appendix [A] to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard, Final Rule: The Appendix [A] to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard, Final Rule, published in November consists of a list of as many as 300 COI or Chemicals of Interest, besides providing each of their Screening Threshold Quantities or STQ (, 2016). Organizations that holds any of these Chemicals of Interests at their respective STQ levels or higher need to submit the Top screen reports within a period of 60 days (Rooijakkers Sadiq , 2015). Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, Interim Final Rule: The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards regulation was published on April 9th, 2007, as the Interim Final Rule, after considering the information available from the individuals operating in the industries that abide by CSAT regulations, companies, trade associations and numerous other entities (Sadiq McCreight, 2013). The DHS took the initiative of publishing an appendix that contained a list of several Chemicals of Interests and their corresponding levels, on storage of which an enterprise would have to submit online Top Screenreports to the Department of Homeland Security through the online Chemical Security Assessment or the CSAT (, 2016). Desired future state In the light of the discussions made in the above sections of the report, it can be concluded that in order improve the security level of the ICS system and avoid the risks and vulnerabilities that are frequently launched against such systems, certain changes must be incorporated within the said system. The desired changes have been mentioned in the following list: The various sub parts of the entire network must be isolated from each other , by the implementation of VPN solutions and firewall (both internal and external), such that the attack routes leading to the ICS network can be avoided (Reaves, Morris, 2012). Conventional security measures like that of antivirus software modules and firewalls need to be implemented in the periphery of each of these sub-networks. The internal access for those control processes that lie in the close vicinity of the production environment must be disabled (Galloway Hancke, 2013). Secure authentication procedures must be followed for utilizing the remote access facilities (, 2016). Five areas of cyber-security that needs to be improved The analysis of the diagram of network used by Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc , along with the consideration of the ranked subject areas available in the cyber security assessment report, has lead to the identification of the following domains that require improvement: Information and documentation management process need to be incorporated within the existing system which would enhance the process of securing the enterprise information (Sadiq McCreight, 2013). Firewalls need to be implemented at the peripheries of all the sub-sections of the network Incident response policies have to be implemented (, 2016). The techniques currently being used for malware detection and monitoring need to be improved (Reaves, Morris, 2012). The processes currently being used for controlling remote access to the ICS need to be secured (Galloway Hancke, 2013). Conclusion The report provides a detailed discussion on the industrial control system that is currently being utilized by Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc. A schematic diagram of the existing network architecture has been provided in the report, based on which the weaknesses of the existing system have been identified. Based on the identified weaknesses, a list of security treats or vulnerabilities has been provided, so as make the management of organization aware of the attacks which might be launched against the system. In order to achieve compliance with the CFATS regulations, Pure Land Wastewater Treatment Inc require to abide by two DHS regulations, the details of which have been provided in the report. The report also provides insight into some technological aspects that need to be implemented within the ICS system. Last but not the least, five such cyber-security domains have been identified, based on the reports generated by the U. S Homeland Security Department, which require immediate attention for enhancing the level of security of the ICS system. References,. (2016). Industrial Control System Security. Retrieved 19 March 2016, from,. (2016). CFATS Covered Chemical Facilities | Homeland Security. Retrieved 19 March 2016, from Estevez, E., Marcos, M. (2012). Model-based validation of industrial control systems.Industrial Informatics, IEEE Transactions on,8(2), 302-310. Friedland, B. (2012).Control system design: an introduction to state-space methods. Courier Corporation. Galloway, B., Hancke, G. P. (2013). Introduction to industrial control networks.Communications Surveys Tutorials, IEEE,15(2), 860-880.,. (2016). Overview of Cyber Vulnerabilities | ICS-CERT. Retrieved 19 March 2016, from,. (2016). Retrieved 19 March 2016, from Peng, Y., Jiang, C., Xie, F., Dai, Z., Xiong, Q., Gao, Y. (2012). Industrial control system cybersecurity research.Journal of Tsinghua University Science and Technology,52(10), 1396-1408. Reaves, B., Morris, T. (2012). An open virtual testbed for industrial control system security research.International Journal of Information Security,11(4), 215-229. Reissman, L. (2014). Pureland Cyber Secrity Assessment. Rooijakkers, M., Sadiq, A. A. (2015). Critical infrastructure, terrorism, and the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards: the need for collaboration.International Journal of Critical Infrastructures,11(2), 167-182. Sadiq, A. A., McCreight, R. (2013). Assessing the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards after 5 years: achievements, challenges, and risks ahead.Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management,10(1), 387-404.